Gel-heads – sticky and green

On the planet Meniscus, two humanoid species dominate – the Dock-winders (see my post  June 7, 2017) and the Gel-heads.


'captive of the Gel-head'
Gel-heads are covered with green gelatinous skin: their muscles, bones and internal organs can be seen through the integument!


Gel-heads are barely sentient, driven by greed and the search for gratification. They are humanoid, but their skin is green and gelatinous. Through the skin, internal organs, musculature and skeleture are visible.


Gel-heads plague my Human characters, showing up when least expected. Gel-heads regularly molest Human women with red hair and so are particularly dangerous to Odymn and Vicki.


Only one Gel-head has proven herself to be helpful to the Humans … a vendor named Wenda keeps a textile stall at the Sintha market and she is always willing to share information, for a price!


gel-head standup
Gel-head running … a stand-up figure made to promote my book Meniscus: Crossing The Churn at its launch


Copyright Alexandra Tims 2017


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