World-building: what to drink on an alien planet

You know the old saying: you can live three minutes without air and three days without water. Once you are breathing on an alien planet, water is the next priority.


On Meniscus, the human characters are relentless in their search for water.


JDB_0389 (3).jpg


Water on the planet Meniscus misbehaves. It falls upward. Effervescence and aerosol are two great words to describe its behaviour. In an upcoming volume of the Meniscus Series, Tagret, recently captured and brought to Meniscus, finds out how hard it is to take a drink of Meniscus water.


Aisha stops her sweeping

to give Tagret a drink

from a folded crummnel.


Water refuses to go down.


“Even a drink of water

comes hard on this planet,”

says Aisha.

“Water wants to climb, not fall.”


Aisha shows her

how to tip her head

to take a drink.


'sandstorm in The Darn-el'.jpg


In the first book in the Series, Meniscus: Crossing The Churn, as they travel through the Darn’el Desert, the Slain shows Odymn how to capture water in a kemet bladder.


When Zachary chooses a site for the new Village of Themble Hill, a water source is topmost on his mind.


a plan for Themble Hill paperback.jpg


What else can you drink on Meniscus?


'honey mead'paperback


Other drinks available on Meniscus include slag-fern beer, honey mead, zed (a tea-like beverage made from the leaves of thief-bush) and colax (a coffee-like beverage made from berries of the same plant). But, of course, they are all produced with water as the main ingredient!


Never take the water we have here on Earth for granted!


All my best!



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