Meniscus: Oral Traditions … available on Amazon!

I am pleased to announce, the next book in the Meniscus Science Fiction Series, Meniscus: Oral Traditions is now available for order in paperback here.  It will be available in e-book format within a few days.

Oral Traditions cover blue (4)

Meniscus: Oral Traditions is a stand alone book, fitting within the story of the Humans on planet Meniscus but introducing new characters as they learn to live in the shadow of the Dock-winders.


Meniscus: Oral Traditions

Margaret, with her Masters Degree in Chemistry, works at a call centre. Her days are uneventful, answering the questions of pet owners and walking along the river with her dog Winston each evening.

Then everything changes.

One minute she is explaining to a call centre customer how to convince her labradoodle to swallow its medication.

And the next, her hair has grown four inches and she is in the streets of an alien city, surrounded by unfamiliar spaces, water that climbs and aliens with skin like green gelatin.

In the next weeks, Tagret (no one will use her proper name) learns about her new home on Meniscus and meets one of the Slain, Human males who have been genetically modified by the Dock-winder aliens. Rist is like no other Slain. He is strong and has a Slain’s special weaponry and abilities, but he also sings and jokes and makes Tagret feel safe on this alien planet.

Together they set off on an adventure that will put Tagret’s chemistry knowledge to use.

But Rist has a secret. He has taken a vow . . .

Rist and Tagret foreground

For those of you who live nearby, I will have copies of Oral Traditions by May 30 or earlier. After that, they will be available from me directly or from Westminster Books in Fredericton.

So happy to be able to share this story with you! As author, my favorite to date!


All my best,


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