meet an alien deity

This week, my new science fiction book will be released. Meniscus: Encounter with the Emenpod is the seventh book in the Meniscus Series.


emenpod fine-tuned cover (2)


The Emenpod, the Builders, have been mentioned throughout the series. Many times, the Humans in the book encounter interesting landscape features: stair cases built within cliff faces and limestone caves, floating mats of vegetation hovering above the desert, tunnels beneath the impassable Churn. The aliens of Meniscus speak of the Builders as though they are deities.


The stairway within the ‘stack’ was built by the Emenpod.


In Encounter with the Emenpod, the Humans of Themble Hill face horrible difficulties. Their village has been destroyed by a sink-hole, their people have been injured and some killed, and the young alien child in their community, Don’est) is missing. She is an unlikable child, so hard to understand, but she is lost where dangerous creatures roam the woodlands.



Almost immediately there are signs a benevolent force is helping the Humans. A strange green light has begun to rebuild the Village of Themble Hill. But when the Humans encounter De-al, a manifestation of the Emenpod, they realize the assistance of the Emenpod comes with consequences.


'De'al water-weld'paperback


encounter cover image

Meniscus: Encounter with the Emenpod

cover image by Jane Tims


Look for the book on Amazon on March 3, 2020 here

(Link will take you to the most recent book in the series Meniscus: Oral Traditions.)


All my best,


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