marble Earth


I grew up in a household of teachers. They taught me the history and pre-history of the earth. My mom was my teacher in grade five and taught me about the explorers those who believed the earth was a sphere. She used to tell me to look out of the plane when I flew, see the curvature of the earth.


My father was my teacher in grade seven and taught me why the northern hemisphere is cold in winter. Again, all about the curvature of the earth.


walking among the stars crop (2)


curvature of the earth


round of roiling sun

hovers above water

sits on bowed horizon

plunges into flat pan

of ocean sizzle

fired rock in a birch bark

stewing pot


hands form

around a ball

of rising bread

a packing of snow

fast-beating heart

of a baby bird


we have seen

the other side

know earth

as marble



All my best,

Alexandra (a.k.a. Jane)