Delay on Book Release

My optimism in February set the date for the release of my next book in the Meniscus Series at March 31. But as the month of March unfolded, I realized I had much more work to do on Meniscus: Oral Traditions:

  • completion of the cover painting
  • completion of the pencil drawings to illustrate the story
  • final edit of the story
  • final design of the book
  • time for my beta readers to read and comment on the story

I have completed some of the work. But there is still some distance to go. The new publication date is much more realistic: May 15, 2019.

In that time I will be able to complete the above steps and feel confident I have done my best work.

Setting goals is a good idea, since it gives an author something to work towards. But sometimes it is easy to set unrealistic goals and very hard to meet them.

This will give you a look at some of the drawings I have done for Meniscus: Oral Traditions:


Rist and Tagret foreground
‘Rist and Tagret’


March 2019 'Rist's tattoo'paperback
Rist’s tattoo – Rist has a secret and reason for the tattoo!


Dagger-drip, a poisonous plant featured in the story


All my best!